Budget Planner Calculator

Do you find that your money seems to slip through your fingers? Have you ever thought about preparing a budget plan, but put it into the “too hard” basket?

Doing a budget and having a plan for your money isn’t difficult, and it can help you do the things you really want.

Being financially stress-free starts with taking control. I know it might feel overwhelming and scary right now but I promise, knowing your numbers will eliminate so much stress and give you a solid place to build from.

The first thing we need to do is to find out what money is coming in and out every month.

Here’s an exercise to help you….

Print off last month’s statements for your credit cards, bank loans, saving accounts, and any other relevant financial accounts. Then open up a notebook and start writing out your transactions, line by line. (It sounds painful, I know, but stick with me — it’s so worth it!)

Make sure to include:
● Income: how much money you brought in last month
● General spend: everyday expenses like food, utilities, clothing, and other spending money
● Repayments: how much you paid for your various loans (car, home, credit cards, etc.)

Enter the amounts into the budget planner calculator then click the View Summary tab. This will show you where your money is going and if there is a surplus or a shortfall.

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Budget is not a dirty word....

do you cringe when you hear it?

With a well structured plan, you could own your home years earlier then you ever thought possible.

Making informed decisions leads to greater financial wellbeing.

That’s where we come in.

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