Moving House

Moving into your new home hasn’t been easier!

To save you time, stress and a whole lot of hard work, we created ‘Your Home Loan Connect’ a free and convenient service that helps you pick and choose the plans and utility essential services.

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Simply choose the services you need, and we will help get you connected!

  • Electricity and/or solar providers
  • LPG and/or natural gas
  • Internet and phone connection
  • Removalists
  • Cleaning
  • Or more

This is a complimentary service, so you don’t have to worry about organizing anything.

You will even be allocated your own personal moving assistant to help you along the way. Simply tell us your new address fill out the form below and choose the services you would like to have connected at your new home – we’ll do the rest!

Not moving house, but want a better deal,

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When you are moving house this is a ideal time to review all of your essential services.

However if are not moving house, you should also review your utility services to see if you could save money by switching providers, just like you should review your home loan interest rate to ensure you are still getting good value.

Are you paying too much for your utility services?

We all know that reviewing your utility service providers could save you money. But so many people don't take the time to do it.

To save you time, stress and a whole lot of hard work, we created Your Home Loan Connect’. Because we want to make it as easy as possible for you to compare utility service providers.

We will compare your current electricity, gas, internet, TV streaming and other utility services to see if you can reduce your monthly bills.

This is a free service, so complete your details below and start saving money today.

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