What documents do I need for a home loan application?

The documents you may be required to submit with your home loan application will vary between lenders and also between different types of loans. It is always a good idea to have available as much supporting documentation as possible when your broker comes to visit you. As a guide, some of the documentation you may be required to lodge with your loan application are listed below.


In order to prove your identity, you should have some or all of the following on hand:

  • Drivers licence

  • Birth certificate

  • Passport

  • ATM Card

  • Credit Card

  • Medicare card

  • Private Health Card


To prove your income, you may need to provide:

  • Payslips

  • A letter from your employer stating your employment conditions

  • Your last group certificate/Payment summary

  • Bank statements or agent statements showing any rental income

  • Your last tax return (or your last several tax returns if self-employed)

  • Details of social security payments

  • Supporting documentation for any other income sources


To show the lender your existing liabilities, you may need to provide:

  • Statements from any existing home, personal or car loans.

  • Statements from any credit cards or store cards.

  • Lease agreements.

  • Supporting documentation for any other liabilities or expenses.


In order for the lender to ascertain your expenses, you made need to provide details on:

  • Rent payments.

  • Electricity and gas bills.

  • General living expenses (food, entertainment, living expenses etc).

  • Vehicle expenses (petrol, insurance, registration expenses etc).

  • Any other regular expenses (insurance, education etc).


To prove your assets, you may need to show:

  • Bank account statements.

  • Term deposit statements.

  • Managed fund statements.

  • Your most recent rates notice.

  • Statement of holding for any shares you own.

  • Superannuation statements.

Security Property

Depending on your loan scenario you may also need to provide the following documents with relation to the mortgaged property (note that you may not have all of these documents at the time you apply for your loan, and will need to provide them to the lender at a later date:

  • Your purchase contract.

  • Fixed price building contract (for construction loans).

  • A certificate of currency for your home insurance (naming the lender as an interested party).