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If you are on the lookout for a car loan and cannot decide which one to choose from the plethora of car loans in Brisbane, we at Your Home Loan Consultant can help you. Waiting for a loan can hardly yield positive results. Give us the responsibility of finding the best car loan in Queensland for you. Our aim is to find you a suitable loan fast and ensure that the loan helps you meet your objective – to buy your dream car.

Those with a bad credit or high score, we can offer a nice deal on the car loan. We can help you. All we need is the right documentation and paperwork. To help us understand your borrowing needs better, we arrange a discussion with you. The interest rates we choose for you are competitive and completely tailored to fit your needs. Since we have access to nearly two dozen lenders offering car loans in Brisbane, you can trust us for providing a number of options to you so that you can choose carefully.

Apart from car loan in Queensland, we also offer many options for you to choose from if you are looking for business loans in Brisbane. We have sourced financing for small businesses for many years. Be it an overdraft, commercial loan for buying your business property or debtor finance, we can assure you reliable assistance and expert advice.

Your Home Loan Consultant offers options that let you compare interest rates and other features. We are also experts in helping you get the best investment loans in Australia. With so many choices available to invest in, it can be difficult to find the right one. Besides, what should you do if you need to borrow quite a large sum of money? Are there any discounts that you can avail? What kind of structure should you choose for your business loans in Brisbane? Do you need joint incomes to repay the loan? Should the loan be interest-only or a combination of principal and interest? We answer all these questions and give you the most educated suggestions.

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Debt Consolidation Australia

Your Home Loan Consultant is a one-stop shop for debt consolidation in Australia.

We are experts in the consolidating solutions for debt. Our service includes budgeting, arrangements for informal creditor, arrangement for mortgage finance and 3rd party consolidation loans, personal insolvency agreement, bankruptcy assistance, and debt agreements.

We have helped hundreds of individuals resolve their debt problems and regain control over their financial situation.

If you are struggling to repay many debts, there is a way to simplify things, by consolidating (combining) all your debts into a single loan. This way, you can pay off your debts more conveniently because there will be only one regular payment cycle. You won’t have to shell out any late payment penalties and even your total interest amount will be reduced. So, our debt consolidation in Australia services will save your money.

With our service, you can also:

  • Structure your repayments to better suit your financial situation
  • Ensure that your repayments are made even in the event of poor health, injury or death
  • Customize and manage your loan easily
  • Avail responsible financing
  • Gain  control over your debts
  • Free yourself from the hassles and worries of several debts

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Debt Consolidation Brisbane

Do you have multiple debts? Are you having problems managing your debts? Then we can help solve the problem once and for all. We at Your Home Loan Consultant are highly experienced in debt consolidation in Brisbane services which can reduce your worries and hassles dramatically. Our proven strategies for debt management have helped countless individuals become debt-free and can help you too.

Our approach is a combination of feasible solutions, personal assistance and clear concepts. We can tailor our service to suit your financial circumstances. Our team provides you advice that you can trust. We will assist you to club all your debts together into one loan that is convenient and simple. You just have to make one regular interest rate instead of several with our debt consolidation in Brisbane services.

We stand behind our reputation as a major provider of debt consolidation in Brisbane services. We consider several debt consolidation solutions before advising you one. Our service will manage your debt without affecting your lifestyle in the least.Contact us now so that we can understand your situation and commence our task of bringing your debt under control.

Finance Australia

Looking for financing or finance management services in Australia? We are here to help. At Your Home Loan Consultant, we take your finance needs very seriously.

We present a range of financial solutions from providers that you can choose from to fulfill your unique finance in Australia needs. We provide comprehensive advice and guidance too.

Your Home Loan Consultant are accredited with over 25 financial services providers who cater to individuals as well as organizations.

In order to do our job perfectly, we need to know about your current financial situation and that’s why we organize a discussion session where we listen to your problems and needs. Be it a home loan you are looking for or a car loan, be it refinancing or debt consolidation services, we treat your finance in Australia needs as our needs.

Earning your trust is our primary objective. When you work with us, you will find that we leave no stone unturned until we have got you the most appropriate solution to your problems.

Your Home Loan Consultant knows that everyone has different financial requirements and we strive to meet those requirements. We even advise you on how to make the most of your finances. Contact us for a reliable finance in Australia consultation.


First Home Buyers Grant Queensland

First home buyers grant in Australia was launched in the year 2000 to pay first-time homeowners a one-off grant. To qualify for this grant, homeowners need to meet some criteria. Your Home Loan Consultant have helped hundreds of homeowners obtain this financial benefit as they build or buy their first home. The lenders associated with Your Home Loan Consultant  have the perfect range of home loan products that you can help you buy you own home. And even guide you through the entire process so that owning your first home becomes a smooth process for you, not a difficult one.

Some of the lenders may even let you use your first home buyers grant in Australia to boost your home loan deposit. This tax-free, interest-free grant is a bonus for any new homeowner. We help you make the most of it with knowledgeable advice, by submitting your application to the State Revenue Office and arranging for the payment process to begin.

Unlock your new home sooner

The Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant is a state government initiative to help first home owners to get their new first home sooner. Depending on the date of your contract, you’ll get $15,000 or $20,000 towards buying or building your new house, unit or townhouse (valued at less than $750,000). You can even buy off the plan or choose to build yourself. It’s a great opportunity to buy or build a new home in our great state.

How a Queensland First Home Owners’ Grant can help you

  •  If you’re thinking of buying or building a new home, this could be what gets you started.
  •  It could get you something more than you were expecting.
  •  It can get you into your first home sooner.

Your Home loan Consultant will walk you through the application process of first home buyers grant in Australia. The lenders we have access to make sure you qualify for the grant and our experts explain in detail how the grant can further benefit you.

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Fixed Rate Home Loans Brisbane

Almost every Australian looks for a home loan that suits their needs and lifestyle the best, but finds the process extremely strenuous and lengthy. At Your Home Loan Consultant, we take the burden off your shoulders. We embrace the challenge of finding the best loan product in the ever-changing market.

Fixed rate home loans in Brisbane give you assurance that the interest rates will stay consistent or “fixed” for a certain period of time between 1 to 10 years. The interest rates will be completely unaffected by the variable rates. But after the period is over, the loan will revert to the variable rate of interest if you do not fix the rate for another term.

We can find a loan with the best fixed rates in Brisbane. Our service will take out the guesswork of your interest rate calculation. Opting for fixed rate home loans in Brisbane with our help means you will be able to make financial plans for your future with complete certainty. You will have total control over your home loan.

If you can’t decide between fixed and variable rates of interest, our expert consultants will help you choose. They will explain the limitations of fixed rate loans (yes, there are limitations and most financial service providers choose to not tell you about them).

About 1 in every 5 home loans in Australia has fixed interest rates. So, you can definitely rest assured that you will have security and stability for a long time. We will ensure a streamlined process for your convenience and to save your time.Contact us to get the best fixed rates in Brisbane.

Home loan selection services Brisbane & Queensland, Australia

Being in the field of finance for many years, we know what it takes to provide home loan services in Queensland that suit your needs. We not only choose a home loan that has a competitive rate but also comes with the features that you require. Our home loan selection services in Australia are suitable for first time home buyers as well as repeat buyers. Simply put, we help find home loans and mortgages loans in Queensland for buyers with different home buying needs and budgets.

As you may know, the world of home financing is becoming extremely complex and competitive every day. Today, a wide variety of home loans is available such as introductory, fixed and variable. Such a variety exists in the repayment methods as well. Borrowers can choose from principal & interest (P&I) or interest-only repayment methods.

Each lender offers different features and fees. There is a variety in home loan deposit in Brisbane also. We at Your Home Loan Consultant, have the knowledge and experience to locate the best home loans in Queensland for you. We take the time to understand your needs, analyze your options and come up with a solution that suits your circumstances well.

Our team of home loans services in Queensland has access to over 20 lenders of repute. They possess thorough knowledge of the market and can provide expert advice on diverse loan products. We are known for our integrity and expertise. Our objective is to offer you not just the cheapest home loan in Brisbane, but also the most hassle-free one.

Why having a Building and Pest Inspection is so important

Whether you’re purchasing your first home, next home or investment property you need to follow a detailed process in order to make your purchase successful.

One of the steps involved yet often overlooked is having a building and pest inspection completed on the property. This condition should be written into the purchase contract (14 days) and allows you, the buyer, to conduct a Building and Pest Inspection and be happy with the report’s finding. Without it, you may find your purchase has some hidden secrets.

These can be in the form of foundation issues, roof damage or cracks in load bearing walls that creep up not long after the sale. Sadly, by this stage it is too late, and the you may be stuck with expensive repair bills to make things right. By having a building and pest inspection completed on the property you are about to purchase, you can have the inside knowledge on any major problems. This way, you aren’t buying any hidden headaches.

Property Inspection Checklist

Look beneath the kitchen sink for damp patches or water damage.
Inspect bathroom floor and walls for leaks, cracks, or any water damage.
Flush toilets and inspect cistern for leaks.
Turn on bathroom and kitchen taps to check water flow.
Check that there is sufficient storage space.
Check the doors are even by opening and closing them.
Check that there are enough power points.
Look for patches of damp on the walls and ceiling.
Look upwards when inspecting rooms. Signs of roof leakage are apparent in ceilings and hairline cracks may appear.
If light fittings are missing, confirm that the seller intends to replace them before the transfer of the property.
Check that electrical appliances such as a dishwasher, air conditioner and/or heater are in working order and that they will remain in the property after the sale.
Check carpets and floors for stains. If in doubt, ask for some furniture to be moved so you can inspect the carpet underneath.
If keys are missing from doors, cupboards or windows, confirm that replacements will be provided.
Where fixtures appear to be built in, confirm that these will remain in the house after the sale.
Look for telephone, cable television and aerial connections to ensure they are conveniently positioned.
Check the roof for loose or broken tiles.
Confirm that all extensions have council approval.
Come back at a different time of day to check the traffic noise.
Check all outside taps, irrigation systems and water tanks for cracks and leaks.
Check garden beds are lower than the weepholes around the outside of the house.
Check that the gutters have been cleared out and that there are no overhanging trees.
Inspect the swimming pool for cracks and leaks, and ensure that adequate safety precautions are in place.



Mortgage brokers Brisbane, Queensland

Looking for mortgages in Brisbane can be difficult, but when we are here, you don’t need to worry.  We are Your Home Loan Consultant, a company that works with the aim of your benefit in mind. Your Home Loan Consultant is accredited with some of the best lenders in Australia. Like most people, you also may need to find a mortgage broker at some point of time. It definitely pays to research extensively. We do that research for you. We screen mortgage brokers in Queensland thoroughly and offer you in-depth information on each of them so that you can choose wisely. In short, we do your homework on behalf of you.

Reputable mortgages in Brisbane know the markets inside out. There are different loans for different purposes. We advice you on how to choose the right loan after analyzing your borrowing needs in detail. You can rest assured that the solution we will offer, will suit your lifestyle and budget perfectly. With access to a wide range of loans and reputable lenders, we help you find the most tailor-made solution as fast and as smoothly as possible.

No matter whether you are looking to buy a property, sell a property, or to renovate/extend a property, you will be getting into a huge financial commitment and you must know the best path to take. We help you take that by providing mortgage brokers in Queensland that you can trust.

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Property Investors Brisbane

We bring years of property investment experience into our services. Our goal is to help property investors in Brisbane create wealth smoothly and successfully by making smart investments. We can assist you to build a powerful portfolio and propose strategies based on in-depth calculations and analysis. Our help can lessen your mortgage debt remarkably without having any impact on your current lifestyle.

Like you, we know that buying a property for investment is not easy. It is a very important financial decision and with our help, you can have peace of mind when going through this process. Every property suggestion we make are the result of thorough market research and wealth of knowledge. New as well as seasoned property investors in Brisbane can benefit from our services. Here’s how:

  • Well-researched information
  • Educated advice
  • Association with a number of reputable lenders in the property market
  • Focus on formulating a strategy for your long-term property investment
  • Sound real estate investment tips
  • Boosting your confidence to move forward with a solid plan

Real estate is always a reliable source of making money. Whatever happens in the share market, real estate yields beneficial financial results for property investors in Brisbane.Contact us to discuss your options and discover your opportunities.

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