Budget Planner


Do you find that your money seems to slip through your fingers? Have you ever thought about preparing a budget plan, but put it into the “too hard” basket? Doing a budget and having a plan for your money isn’t difficult, and it can help you do the things you really want. We have created a budget planner to help you work out how much you earn and what you spent last financial year so you can make new goal for this financial year.

Download our Budget Planner and Budget Tracker

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How to use the planner

Start by writing down all of your income and all of your expenses. You need to decide whether your budget will be weekly, fortnightly or monthly guide. Some people like to match their budget to their pay period. Once you’ve decided, make sure all the numbers you write down are for the same time period. When you’ve worked out your income and expenses, you will be able to see how much regular income you get and where that money goes over your chosen time period. Take away your total expenses from your total income to get your results.

A few simple things done regularly can make a real difference:

Put yourself in charge

  • Have a plan for your money and stick to it.
  • Prepare a budget for yourself and keep it up to date.
  • Establish a savings habit – save as much and as regularly as you can

Take Control

Take a hard look at your loans and credit cards and see what scope there may be to consolidate them or adjust some of your spending habits. At Your Home Loan Consultant we offer all of our clients a health check on their mortgage.

  • Look for opportunities to make your money work harder by investing, and check if you’re contributing enough to your super
  • Think about strategies for protecting your money, such as making sure that you have the right insurance